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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Soundtrack!! :D

2009-08-20 11:54:14 by Phyrnna

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is now out on Newgrounds!!

Yes, it is!! The very epic sequel to Epic Battle Fantasy by Matt-Likes-Swords has been released!!

Check it out! LINK=====>

Now the main purpose of this post is to give a track listing of the songs used in the game. And so without further ado... here they are!

Menu - Innocence
Minigames - Pianist's Journey
Cutscenes - Living One Day
Kittens - The Trek
Bees - Traverse the Woods
Guardian - Chase Theme
Jellies - The Lonely Reunion
Golem Boss - Heroes March
Turtles - Journey to the East
Sandworm - Orchestral 2
Spirits - Tsuna Awakens
Hydra Boss - Twins of Duality
Flybots - Space Adventure
Tank - Organ Jaws
Victory theme - z0mg \/ICT0RY!! ^o^

I hope everyone enjoyed the music!

Do also check out the following links to our stuff!
Matt-Likes-Swords Newgrounds Profile!
His DeviantArt!
Epic Battle Fantasy (The Original!!)
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (The NEW and improved one!! :D)
HalcyonicFalconX (ME~!!!) music

Thank you for listening and playing~!!!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3


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2009-08-20 12:11:17


Phyrnna responds:

Must've came from the Holy Cow!


2009-08-20 12:12:02

Lovely songs... this is actually one of the things I like the most of the game

Phyrnna responds:

Why thank you! ^.^


2009-08-20 12:43:13

Just mesmerizing... I could think of nothing that could top the soundtrack for such a game. Well done.

Phyrnna responds:

:D I'm glad you like it!


2009-08-20 13:03:03

That was a Short beta XD

Phyrnna responds:

But hey, those of us who went through beta were able to play UBER Kitteh. xD


2009-08-20 13:13:28

check out ethalyn's new song n/262524


2009-08-20 15:12:13

Yeah! Though I didn't need the list, cause I already checked all of your music as soon as Matt released the very first beta version ^^

Music is great, I mostly like Moonlight and The Trek (I kinda think that they have the same main theme, only slower or faster... but I'm not too sure ^ ^'')

You are Epic and your music is too ^^

Phyrnna responds:

Ah thank you very much! I wasn't sure how many people even liked it, but seems that they are good! :D


2009-08-20 15:13:01

Wow you made all those songs! Really nice ones, that surely take you time.

Phyrnna responds:

Time indeed, but it was well worth it!


2009-08-20 16:04:07

I actually wanted to congratulate you earlier on MSN, but you were away. (as you are most of the time nowadays..)

This is the first step to becoming some sort of famous soundtrack composer or something, hehe. Best of luck with that. :-)

Phyrnna responds:

I saw your IM much later... I wasn't on because I kind of pooped out on my bed soon after the release. xD I stayed up finishing one of the songs.

Thank you anyways for the continued support! ^.^ <3


2009-08-20 17:35:58

your page looks im sorry to say this but boring,,

Phyrnna responds:

xD I don't focus much on my page...maybe it needs a makeover.


2009-08-20 17:46:23

When I first fired up the beta and the music & lights hit me, I was astounded. The effort you and Matt-Likes-Swords put into it had me fooled I was playing a professionally made commercial game that I might be buying in a store.

Praise to you and Matt, both for the quality of your individual efforts and how well they fit together, but what I'm interested in is how did your works meat? (So-to-speak)

How did you two meet, and how did the tracks find their way into his game?

Phyrnna responds:

Certainly the menu looked really good and sounded equally great. And then everything else just feel into place. ^.^ Thank you for the compliments!

As for how we met and how tracks fell into place, let's just say puzzle pieces that fit together eventually find their way to each other. xD


2009-08-20 17:48:55

A sequel? EPIC!

Phyrnna responds:





2009-08-20 18:07:41

That Is Just Totally Awesome, And I Just Love Your Music. You've Got Some Real Talents, And For A Girl It's Insane! You're Really Great, And Awesome Too!

All Of Your Songs Are Great, And Very Creative. I Hope To See More From You ;)
And It Must Have Been A Really Huge Honor To Make Soundtracks For The Awesome Game: "Epic Battle Fantasy 2"


Phyrnna responds:

It was a really big honor, and I certainly do plan on making more and more songs in the future! ^.^


2009-08-20 18:48:45


And I'm hoping for EBF 3 soon!

Phyrnna responds:

I'd love to see an EBF3!


2009-08-20 22:01:49


Phyrnna responds:



2009-08-20 22:04:58

I just listened and reviewed a few of your tracks not too long ago that I enjoyed. Then I was pleasantly surprised today to find the same music up on the sequel to one of my fav games here on NG. Many congrats to you and Matt and I am looking forward in hearing some more music from you soon.


2009-08-21 00:10:24

I like your work :D


2009-08-21 10:55:49

Lol it took me a while to notice why I don't remember making that last comment.

Phyrnna responds:

Why would that be?


2009-08-21 22:07:22

YEAH! AWESOME! :D I love it!


Phyrnna responds:

Thank you! *bows*


2009-08-22 08:24:32

that game sucks no where close to good as the first one.

Phyrnna responds:

I'm sorry it didn't match up to your expectations. I hope the third one does a better job then.


2009-08-22 15:11:11

Great music you got there. Some of it meets my standards of a Final fantasy game apearens. call Square enix and maybe you'll be featured in the ps3 remake of FF9! :D

Phyrnna responds:

Ooooooh~! That sounds like a good idea. :D I might just do that.


2009-08-22 18:30:31

i've listened and downloaded all the songs and i even listened to songs that arn't in the soundtrack e.g. Adele's requiem man the tune bring tear to my eyes
gr8 work and keep it up ^_^

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you... that song brings back lots of memories for me also.


2009-08-22 21:50:28

Where did you get the Hydra song voices?

(Updated ) Phyrnna responds:

Somewhere from Ancient Rome.


2009-08-23 04:22:22

some ones been busy <.<

Phyrnna responds:

some ones been lazy ^.^


2009-08-23 11:12:23

I am off to download all these songs now. Seriously, a great soundtrack. c:

Phyrnna responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have fun listening to it on you MP3 player! :D


2009-08-23 16:25:20

is there a cheat code to skip to the hydra battle

a lil birdy says thats the best part >=}

Phyrnna responds:

You mean the one I shot and ate for dinner last night?


2009-08-24 08:46:16

cool songs i should try to be generous all the tme. cause your songs change my habits, but i love your songs

Phyrnna responds:

That's wonderful. ^.^ I hope you continue listening to my music then.


2009-08-25 01:21:57

You have a wonderful talent, keep up the great work!

Phyrnna responds:

I sure will!


2009-08-25 21:01:09

Every bit was absolutely great in the game. Don't really hear much of the music when you're actually playing it but it suits the game so well.


2009-08-25 23:36:25

It's already no wonder why Matt decided to use your music into his game. The songs fit perfectly to all the scenes and it's also quite addictive.Congrats on being part of the game :D.


2009-08-26 23:12:36

Thanks for putting the entire album of EBF2 on Newgrounds! ^_^


2009-08-27 03:46:56

Awesome job! <.< ... *snatches songs and puts them on MP3* What? It adds lots of variety! And once more awesome job! If I could vote on this 5/5! ^^ And this would be a 10/10 review!


2009-08-27 06:09:46

luv these songs.if u made them ur awsome.luv to meet you


2009-08-27 06:44:21

three words, you are great. especialy the "tsuna awakens" really liked that remix


2009-08-27 21:43:24

OMFG UR MUSIC IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE THE BEST MUSIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-08-27 22:32:09

I have to say, the music you implemented in the game is a fascinating addition. It made the feel stretch out even farther in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, with the help of your music. The Trek has been my favorite, and I was wondering when you might finish it. and also, if this really does become an album, I will wait in line for it...~ :3


2009-08-28 01:57:56

Awesome, my favorite's are Pianist's Journey and Twins of Duality


2009-08-28 21:52:14

You should know that the main reason that kept me playing that game even if I died right before a checkpoint was the music.
Music makes games...not the game itself....
except for fire emblem those are all equal in the best game....


2009-08-28 23:11:19

Appreciated the music in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 in addition to your previous work on Newgrounds. Thanks for making the EBF series that much more epic.


2009-08-29 16:20:18

Shit! You are one amazing musician. I'm actually jealous of you, because I'm trying to write songs. But I have a hard time, I should learn from you. Maybe you can help me on writing songs. But if you don't want to, I don't mind. I will still continue trying to learn how to make music, though it will be rarely. But you're just one awesome musician. Keep up the awesome work.


2009-08-30 02:07:30

I just wanted to say that I respect your work, and hope to hear more. I really enjoy listening to your songs, they enhance many less entertaining tasks.



2009-08-30 13:26:23

great sound track fits really well with the game hope to see another epic battle fanasy 3 cant w8.


2009-08-30 16:44:19

Haha, Thanks for the music! They wore to awesome. I'm gonna download each.


2009-08-30 22:47:19

Hey Sweet :) Good to see your music has come along so nicely :D

Congrats on the Epic Battle Fantasy series, I love the games, and the music is awesome, great job :D

~DJ-HappyFace :)


2009-08-31 00:46:19

You made me ROFLMAO


2009-08-31 17:10:18

epic battle fantasy 1 and 2 rulz!!!


2009-09-02 07:38:25

You're undoubtedly very talented, its rare to find music which i can honestly say touched my soul. Every piece i listened to of your work all had its own defining, differing charcteristics all of which was fantastic. You're going into my fave artists :)


2009-09-06 13:54:59

Simply fantastic, simply talented. I absolutely love your music, do you compose it with software? Your best combination in the game would be Lonely Reunion and Heroes March, man that was epic. I think Heroes March manages to bring about a longer lasting "powerful" emotion than any of the tracks that Howard Shore did for Lord of the Rings, and I'm dead serious about that.

Amazing work. Hands down.


2009-09-06 23:21:58

Glad to see you finally had your music put into a game. :D
You deserve it.


2009-09-08 07:43:14