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Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story Official Soundtrack

2011-11-06 11:46:16 by Phyrnna

The fourth game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series


is now out on Kongregate!


And so is the official soundtrack!

Rainbows and Unicorns
Travels of Vagabonds
The Frozen Journey
An Adventure Awaits
Those of Us Who Fight!

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Oh, and add me as one of your Favorite Audio Artist~!

Have fun with the game and enjoy the music! Be sure to leave me a review to let me know what you think or how much you love me! :D

Love you all!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Adventure Story is now on Newgrounds too!

The official soundtrack is now available on Ebay as a CD with original art! Get it here!


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2011-12-28 07:42:04

Overall it's quite good...although I see you kinda changed your approach to the general style of the music...less sinister and chaos but more awesome and cool...but the epicness is still there for the songs that relate.

Um... how much we love you?

um... <3 ! Hope that will do! ^^

Mike :)

Phyrnna responds:

I chose to change the style up a bit for Adventure Story. EBF4 will see some of this style, but will also definitely see a return of the sinister and chaotic.

~Phyrnna ^_^


2011-12-28 16:35:54

Nyeh, I already added you to my Favorite's Audio artists.. YOU ARE. :D



2011-12-28 21:07:44

Boss theme, Desert theme and Grassland theme, in exactly this order, are my favourite trio. Fitting and awesome at the same time.
Iceland theme, even thought fitting, is tiresome in the long run.
Volcano theme... is not a volcano theme at all, in my opinion. I like the melody, but it's place certainly isn't in a volcano.
And I won't say anything about the menu theme. It's just what it is - a menu theme. I don't feel much from it.

In overall: good work - 10 points out of 12 when in comes to fittingness+awesomesauce scale.


2011-12-29 09:37:08

I love your audios, Miss Halcyonic FalconX, even if you've started using different instruments for your audios, I'll still be able to reconize your music style just by listening to it, even if I'm standing miles away from the speakers. :D


2011-12-29 12:34:48

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful Music.


2011-12-29 14:36:54

Whaaat? You were a girl this whole time? I had no idea.

Great music.


2012-01-01 06:01:47

Your music more than deserves to be on the Best of the Week.
The snowy theme is my favourite of them all. It's just so...I can't describe it, but I'll just say it's good. The kind of approach to the music in Adventure Story seems much more calm and happy.
I bet you could calm a angry lion with that kind of music.

How much we love you? Hmm...
Tons. :)


2012-01-03 05:24:18

Your pretty


2012-01-16 02:50:39

Haven't gotten very far in the game yet, but I love Menu Theme, Forest Theme and Boss Theme. Desert theme is also crackling... You're asking how much we love you? Well, I could just say... An epic amount of awesome tons.


2012-01-25 02:10:10

What a great Flash games have such a cool soundtrack! I`ve played this game in, and visited this page to listen tracks :D Very, Very thank you to let me good feeling with these music ^^


2012-02-18 13:01:35

Your music is really great... i really love all yours songs but i still think that they need to be an bit more sinister. Well anyway i reaaly love your music ^^
How much we love you?
hmm... As much as we love Newgrunds!! hope thats enough for you! ^^

Phyrnna responds:

For Adventure Story I didn't make them sinister because that's not what I felt fit the game.


2012-02-22 02:36:35

what program do you use for your songs?
i would love to know how you make your awesome songs


2012-04-03 01:19:21

impressive as always


2012-07-14 19:55:11

I eat babies


2012-09-13 20:12:11

Right now, I'm playing Epic battle fantasy 3 and I already played several other games of fantasy stuff.I really love what you and Matt made in it. It's awesome. I wonder if you form a couple together? XP


2013-01-30 16:37:34

I'm sure we are all looking forward to hear your music in EBF4. Are you eager to play the game as well?