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The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy IV

2013-02-28 11:11:36 by Phyrnna

It's been nearly a year in the making, but now it's finally here!
The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy IV!!!

You can get this wonderful music in digital form on many major music distribution services.

Or you can click on your favorite below:
My Bandcamp
iTunes Store
Google Play Store
Amazon MP3 Store
Rhapsody Store

You can also get the music on a DELUXE FANCY CD!! This is only available for sale on Bandcamp. In addition to grabbing yourself a really nice CD with four panels of art by Matt, $1 from every sale goes to supporting the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago!

Be sure to also fan me on all my social sites!
Official Facebook Page for Halcyonic Falcon X
Phyrnna's Twitter!
Official Bandcamp page for Halcyonic Falcon X
Official Facebook Page for the Epic Battle Fantasy Series

Thank you for all of your support! I wouldn't have made it without every one of you! <3

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3


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2013-02-28 15:26:16

Love the music it's as awesome as ever.

@Pirate, Matt isn't demanding cash for anything, the game is still completely free to play and enjoy. The cash part was just premium content that is completely optional and mainly for the hardcore players that want to experience things like newgame+ or play with the weapons it unlocks. Don't think NG will even have the premium content option for purchase so it will be just like the normal game.


2013-02-28 18:07:01

While listening to the music makes me psyched to play EBF4, I just wish that the music could be free to download somewhere. I know you're raising money for charity, and I respect that, it's just that I like the music so damn much, but I have nary a penny to spend on the full album.

Phyrnna responds:

Well, there's always free music streaming services such as Spotify and iHeartRadio that should have my music on there.


2013-02-28 19:19:58

Yay awesome! :3 <3
I usually dont like that but, i think im gonna buy the CD! :D
And btw pirate,i dont think anyone is demanding money here,u only give it if u want to, and srsly did u really nedeed to repost your comment so many times?


2013-02-28 19:39:51

You should probably ban that pirate guy, or he'll spam you forever.

Phyrnna responds:

Just got back on the computer to see that... I think I will.


2013-03-02 19:01:21

Oh. They're not CC-by-nc-sa-licensed, like newgrounds songs are per default. Does that mean, that we are not allowed to re-use it? :\

(Updated ) Phyrnna responds:

Yeah, that would be correct. Although honestly I'd probably allow it as long as you contact me about it and ask my permission first.


2013-03-04 21:05:27

EBF3's battle theme is one of my favorite from any video game ever, including console games, and I've played the Dark Cloud series (2 is my all-time favorite), Okami, Pokemon, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros., etc. Can't wait to play through Epic Battle Fantasy 4 while enjoying your amazing music at the same time. And because I've somehow always forgotten to do so, I added you as a favorite music artist here and liked on Facebook too. I want to buy some of your tracks eventually, but I don't have any major music-playing device, other than my computer and PS Vita :/


2013-03-05 16:49:34

Yay! I heard the music on Deviantart! Are the full songs going to be released on Newgrounds too?

Phyrnna responds:

Eventually they will be, but for now I'm only going to have the full tracks up for sale. You can still listen to them in their entirety on Spotify, Rhapsody, or my Bandcamp with streaming.


2013-03-05 16:55:23

I expected excellence, and look what I got. Just what I was looking for. :D

But I have to ask, will all purchase options (for all EBF songs you ever made) be available indefinitely, or will/have some options be available only for limited time?
(I know it might be a stupid question to ask about digital purchases, but some people do take stuff down occasionally)

Phyrnna responds:

Indefinitely would be the goal, unless of course no one buys it and it's not worth keeping up for sale anymore. :P


2013-03-05 19:00:43

Even though I didn't listen to it! I still think it's amazing! XD


2013-03-07 22:34:04

Wow. I've already started playing EBF 4 on Kongregate, and I'm very impressed with the soundtrack. I also have downloaded a few of the pieces from itunes. Totally worth paying a little money for!


2013-03-10 18:57:43

Awesome job on the new score for EBF4. Its a great game, and the music accompaniment is just as excellent, impactful and well placed as it was EBF3.
You songs really bring out the feel of each of the locations and battles.

I don't know if you get as much review praise as the game creator Matt.?
But if you do, Congrats because you do deserve it; if not then know that music is the soul to any video game and will always make it or break it just as much at the game itself.

My Fav. song you have done is still Wings from EBF3, but Crystalis Fantasia is defiantly a new close 2nd, and so I want to thank you for your hard work in making these Tracks as I never got to say so before. Also Thanks for placing it in locations that allow us to DL them.
Quite a few are going straight to my playlists.

So Great job, keep up the awesome work, and I look forward to your future submissions.

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you for the praise! <3

Thanks for letting me know which ones are your favorites! :)


2013-03-10 20:43:54

I'm definitely going to buy the CD. Your awesome music is a good enough reason. ^^
Plus, there's a dollar donation going to a children's hospital, which is nice. ^o^


2013-03-11 16:14:06

Wee, its here! :D


2013-03-11 19:38:19

Hmm, this is kinda off-topic but, did you made your new pic yourself?


2013-03-12 04:33:07

Holy hell, all of these songs make this game that much greater. Such a great line up of games you got here and 4 was the icing. Who am I to say how great the playlist for the game was? But still, was sooo good nonetheless.


2013-03-12 16:33:36

I love you.


2013-03-12 18:10:03

Yet another INCREDIBLE soundtrack. Srsly, I have no idea how you manage that!
The EBF Series just got so much better when the two of you started working together... (how did that happen anyways? I'm kinda curious)

Anyways, I just HAVE to grab a copy once my PayPal acc has some cash. Why does transfering money have to take so loooong.... >_>

Btw. where did your beautiful old profile pic go? It isn't even on Facebook :O

(Updated ) Phyrnna responds:

It's still around. /art/Halcyonic-Falcon-X-290803814


2013-03-13 09:18:44

"It's still around. /art/Halcyonic-Falcon-X-290803814"

Hum. Yeah, I saw that oen on the FB page, but I am referring to another pic...
argh, I really don't know when saw it exactly. About the time I played Bullet Heaven I think.
It was in 3/4 perspective (no Idea how to say that in english) aswell, looking to the right.
I think that one also had full headphones, like your current pic.

I hope I'm not "remembering" a non-existant pic.... sorry to bother you.


2013-03-13 09:23:55

Please come to the Philippines!!!....I really really really need to buy your soundtracks!!!!.....TT_TT...If only The Philiipines sold them....TT_TT

Big fan btw....a very very very big fan.....(>^w^)>

(Updated ) Phyrnna responds:

You should be able to buy them just fine even from there. Try my Bandcamp.


2013-03-13 10:01:37

I really want to buy your CD......if they would only sell them in my place...TT_TT


2013-03-15 04:47:27

Supporter upgrade was worth it, huh? On a slow computer, getting rid of the ads helps...

Phyrnna responds:

My computer's able to handle the site with all the ads, but I figured I'd support the site that helped me get where I am.


2013-03-16 20:16:30

Where did you find your new profile pic? Or did you make it yourself? It looks amazing.
Reminds me of Cirno.


2013-03-18 06:01:36

Ive listened to da music ingame, i would say itz just sad da music iz so different now compared to da older onez... it waz following a recognisable pattern now so offroad.

Phyrnna responds:

Hmmm... how so?


2013-03-18 23:19:03

Love it, love it, love it :). You and your music are an inspiration. Thank you

Phyrnna responds:

<3 <3 <3


2013-03-19 19:59:40

You did a wonderful job! By the way, I made the videos! *crowd cheer* Would you like me to send em?

Phyrnna responds:

Yes, that'd be awesome! :D


2013-03-21 22:43:35

Awesome Job 10/10


2013-03-22 20:12:41

I was really surprised when I clicked the "Get More Pets,Skills" or anything that needs to be bought.I thought it was only available for games like Plants VS. Zombies-Get the Full Version,or anything like that.No wonder the game was fast to load now.At least I know that it can be available for the NG games,too.BTW,another great game & music has been made :D


2013-04-02 14:30:29

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:30:51

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:30:53

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:30:54

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:30:54

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:30:55

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:30:55

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-02 14:31:02

So do you have any tabs for some of these songs?


2013-04-03 23:20:44

I'll have to make note to check out these later, currently saving up to help pay for a summer vacation. Anyway, awesome music to be sure, you definitely have talent for it and I hope to be able to see what you come out with next.


2013-04-03 23:20:56

I'll have to make note to check out these later, currently saving up to help pay for a summer vacation. Anyway, awesome music to be sure, you definitely have talent for it and I hope to be able to see what you come out with next.


2013-04-03 23:21:28

Apologies for the second comment, the submit button seems to have lagged.


2013-06-12 19:59:30

can you send me the soundtrack Into combat i really like it


2013-11-28 20:51:50

Your angel avatar always goes barefoot...she must not like footwear.


2014-02-19 04:15:09

Such a wonderful soundtrack, filled with life and excitement that significantly boosts the mood of the game. I'm very appreciative of these works, having spent just a few minutes doing nothing but sitting and listening to the pieces, sometimes in mid-battle! I'm a little disheartened, however, that a few tracks aren't available for purchase or download. The track in particular that catches my fancy the most being "TPF Trans." I don't know the possibility of a response, but if I may ask, why not allow this track for purchase? The other two tracks I saw were "Jump Into Battle," "Under My Skin, " and "The Rim of Battle Mountain," seeing as these were included with the premium content after the initial release.
I don't understand why "TPF Trans" wasn't, however, unless I'm misunderstanding the situation and it WAS implemented in a later update. I had touched the game with its initial release, but hadn't progressed far enough to hear of its first usage recently, the first Godcat encounter. A response to this query would be more than excellent, and I hope you keep creating such wonderful music!

Phyrnna responds:


As for the new tracks, they're not up yet because iTunes and AmazonMP3 have a little bit of a process and hoops to jump through. Although they will be up on Bandcamp soon!


2014-06-22 23:25:16

I love the music for EBF4. My personal favorite is TPF Trans. Love it, sadly it plays twice in the free version. :( I hope that the music for 5 will be as amazing as 3&4. I wish you good luck on your work. Thank you.


2014-12-17 11:08:57

i wish someone could do a rap based on this game, it would awesome :3
Also, i love your musics, could you send me the link of the EBF2 Hydra theme ?


2015-04-03 13:56:03

The bandcamp isn't working, please fix ASAP, thx.


2015-09-02 21:32:35

The music in the game was truly awesome. My favorites are the boss themes (which i forgot the name) and the waste disposal combat theme. The "challenge accepted" of the boss themes are orchestral and the "get outta here, or you will die in a very, very gruesome death" of the waste disposal facility really contributed to the secret past of the Waste disposal facility. It is an extremely well made soundtrack and you are awesome. Peace! :)