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Waking Atlas OST

2013-03-20 13:16:57 by Phyrnna

Recently I met a great guy who's in school for game design. He recently had a school project in which he had to pitch a dark Square Enix style game which featured a conflict between the new and the old generations.
I decided to help him out by writing two sample tracks for him. Check them out! :D

Here's the story snippet he gave me:

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Madeio yelled as he stared down the sight of his laser rifle. There
was nigh wind, and the optic piece he was wearing was calculating distance and accuracy for the shot.
Madeio just had to delay him a little more. "There's nothing I can do once you turn your back."
Evreaux just stared at him and contemplated all the choices that led to this one ultimatum. Everything
he thought he knew started to change. The corner of the city street that he now stood on wasn't a part
of his homeland, it was a lie. The concrete rubble from the ruined elevated parking lot that Poop was
hiding behind wasn't a safe area of sanction, it was disease. All of it was sickening, and it all had to stop.

They were at a stand off, and although Madeio had the higher ground, there was so much rubble that
cover was virtually everywhere in sight. Evreaux knew that the Remnants of the new generation fed him
lie after lie. For years the Remnants fought to what they called the War children from Aadhya, the dying
civilization, and despite the war-mechs and technology the Remnants had, the energy The war children
conjured from the old ones they worshipped rendered their fickle machines useless. "I'm leaving," As
Evreaux said this he swiftly rose his arm which agregated remnant technology. The metal parts around
his arm began to glisten with streams of teal colored energy as he ran towards a weathered car. Evreaux
could see Madeio shot from the corner of his eye and the lava-like shot of energy blasted the wall
beside him. Using his other arm to shield himself from the concrete shower, he shifted his torso around
the trunk of the car and fired his arm-gun, its gears and mechanisms buzzing and whirring in response.
The shells being pumped out of his arm clanged against the rusted metal plate of the car, and once
Evreaux heard an empty click of his arm-gun, he unloaded his magazine and locked another one in.

Evreaux peeked over the corner of the car and to his surprise Madeio was nowhere to be found. This
didn't make Evreaux feel any safer, yet he had to keep moving. Further and further he walked down the
city. His tattered red cloak draped behind the armor of his people, and soon he knew he'd be fighting
them. And on he went, from the crumbling city, to the drums and beating heart of the jungle.


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2013-03-20 13:30:15

Nice. You really captured the feeling of a dramatic showdown (it also sounds a bit post-apocalyptic).
The story is also quite interesting. Will the game be uploaded anywhere (Newgrounds, Kongregate, whatever)?


2013-03-20 13:44:01

Both songs are really good!


2013-03-20 13:46:03

These both turned out really well, and they feel very appropriate for the themes. I like The Aadhyan Border just a tiny bit more for its more tribal and somewhat Asian sound. The things you did with that didgeridoo are kind of amazing.

On a slightly different note, I'm curious as to why the Remnants are the more technologically advanced of the two factions. I would usually consider the term to be associated with an older, more ancient way of life, so I find it to be a very intriguing juxtaposition. Anyway, just thinking out text.


2013-03-20 13:59:53

I liked both of the songs but I feel the Aadhyan Border doesn't really fit since the impression I got from them was spiritual but still used just as much futuristic weapons as the Remnants. I mean the guy in the snippet has a Mega Man arm-gun.

I really like the Remnant song though. Reminds me a lot of the tune from Deus Ex which is kinda what the story reminds me of. Well, slightly.

Regardless, best of luck to the both of you on the game and your music!


2013-03-20 17:14:34

The songs are awesome, they fit brilliantly to the story. I really hope this project goes on :D


2013-03-21 12:35:02


The Songs are awesome though! Nice work =)


2013-03-26 19:27:23

Nice songs!


2013-03-26 20:47:06

Very interesting! The soundtrack is great as well. Will the project be up in Newgrounds?


2013-04-13 05:38:10

Your profile is neat, your music is neat. Does this mean that you are neat?