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News News News... Man I'm Bad at These Apparently!

2013-05-06 23:07:09 by Phyrnna

So according to NG admins, most of my news posts are too advertising/spammy and for a while there I lost my right to Frontpage posts. So... more newsposts about more stuff than just links I suppose! :D

What's new.......?

Put up a new song, this one was written for my buddy's game concept. It's a western style fantasy track so, not truly western yet completely within the feel of it.
It's also up on Youtube for those of you who prefer that.

Epic Battle Fantasy IV has been up on Steam Greenlight for quite a while now, but unfortunately we haven't gotten enough votes to get the Greenlight. Both Matt and I would appreciate it if you helped vote it in. In the meantime, we're working on new content for the Steam version! :D I'll be sure to post updates about new music to tease your ears!

In other news, it's been too long since I've played a MMORPG. Mostly because the adult life leaves me with little time for them and my internet connection is really really slow. xD
Nontheless I just started trying out Lord of the Rings Online. It's.... okay. xD Kind of boring so far, and seems empty, although that might just be the intro level? Or maybe it's just the server I'm on. Hmmm....
Graphics are also pretty subpar IMO, but then again I don't know if that's just the standard for MMO's. They don't impress me nonetheless.
Anyone want to recommend someFREE TO PLAY MMORPGs to me? It'd be great to go on quests and whatnot with my fans! :D

In any case, I guess that's it for now? ^__^

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3


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2013-05-06 23:29:18

O.o you can lose your frontpage rights? ...why havent the useless posters been banned yet -_- anyways keep up the good work. PS: The contest is starting at the end of this week, hoping we can get some posts about that, i definately will tee hee :3.

PSS: League of Legends isn't a questing game but it's a good free to play game to play with friends, but not freeroam sadly, may not be what you want, i'm looking for a good FTP MMORPG myself.


2013-05-07 03:10:10



2013-05-07 03:11:01

The main game I play is Mabinogi. It's a korean game made by Nexon. the North American Nexon service is pretty crappy but the game itself is not bad. I play on the Mari server but i hear Alexina server may be good as well. Main site is

Phyrnna responds:

I'm actually really interested in Mabinogi and I might try it out since I heard you can write and play music in there!


2013-05-07 07:43:40

I hope the game gets the Greenlight! I'm getting excited just thinking about it :D

As for MMORPG, I play Dragon Nest. The game's pretty good, there's quests, a Colosseum to battle other guys and pretty cool dungeons as well, it's worth a try plus the characters look cool :))

Phyrnna responds:

Dragon Nest, got it! I'll check it out. :)


2013-05-07 08:58:27

I hope EBF IV makes it through Greenlight soon... and well, gratz on your restored rights i guess :D
Your new some is awesome btw. Just wanted to point that out one more time :P

As for free to play MMOs... I'm trying out "neverwinter" at the moment and i gotta say, it's quite good. I especially like the playermade quests/dungeons. =)
The animations are also quite nice, from what i've seen so far.
A big plus is that you can't buy gear in the cash shop (tough you can buy companions, mounts and stuff).

Someone posted something about League of Legends i think. It's a Moba that I've palyed since it's Beta stages and i gotta say it is really, really good, though the community can be rather vexing at times.

Phyrnna responds:

Neverwinter.... is this at all related to Neverwinter Nights and DnD? O.o


2013-05-07 10:16:16

Your "Return to the Badlands" is one of your most beautiful ambient loops you've made yet. Whatever inspired you to compose a loop like that, keep it coming!

It's just so relaxing with each instrument coming alive and feeding into each other's melodies then fading back into each other, seriously makes for some amazing studying music.

The Steam Greenlight I've already voted and notified (as well as linked) them to the greenlight page. Hopefully it all does pan out. Greenlight has been a pretty passive aggressive cutthroat place as of late. Developers really want to make it into the next window. (Steam only does so many Greenlights every 3-6 months unless incredible demand pushes up the timeline)

MMO wise you might want to try AION online. Beautiful world and detailed profession system. Take a bit to understand where to find all the resources one would need but as long as you don't mind quests and the occasional silly untranslated Korean grunts during event cutscenes, it's actually a beautiful and fun free mmorpg. As far as I know there's virtually no freetoplay limits on the main game. (some of the seasonal events give out 1-3 free tries per day for whatever raid they offer, if you want more than the free goes they give you, then keys are available for purchase...etc. etc.).

The only two major warnings is that installing the download cilent can be a bit frustrating at first due to how delicate it's first time connection can be and also it's easily 12+ GBs now with all the content updates they've pushed out over the past 2 or so years. But once it's installed, it runs pretty stable and even a 5 year old laptop like mine can handle everything this game throws at it (the cutscenes do have a bit of framerate drop, but if that bothers you, there's plenty of youtube videos of each cutscene to let you see how it was meant to be seen)

Phyrnna responds:

Return to the Badlands turned out quite excellently and I have another track of a similar style that I'll put up soon. :D

I've seen some ads for AION online, I'll go look at it. ^__^

Thanks for the suggestion!


2013-05-07 10:23:33

Free MMORPG´s eh?
I honestly don´t know any good one. Tried Aion(not bad) - too much GRINDING. But i would reccomend you PlanetSide 2, but BEWARE that it´s a FPS version of it. (And for the bad internet connection: Try cleaning your PC a bit. It helps (a bit)).
Also the The Aadhyan Border ~P~ song is really, really awesome.
And i´ll keep myself from reccommending MOBA kind of games since that would be VERY VERY unapropriate because you are not asking us for that.
And as Nijatzu said, Neverwinter would be a good idea.

Phyrnna responds:

I heard a bunch about the first Planetside, maybe I'll check it out and see how it is. My only thing is that I'm not huge on FPS's because I'm not any good at them. >.>;;;

As for the internet connection thing, it's because my family only recently got out of 56k. xD

MOBA's are fun, and I had played Warcraft 3 waaaay long ago and the part of it that started the entire genre. Fun, but not much of my thing anymore. I suppose it's because I'm looking for the fun social interactions of MMOs rather than just beating people up. xD


2013-05-07 10:49:22

If you like action-rpg, and huge bosses, try "Vindictus", with amazing graphic for a free mmorpg. You will not be disapointed, the OST is killer too.

Here a little video about a "Raid boss".


2013-05-07 11:53:58

Ok I got a few MMO's you could look at, I won't mention ones that are alrdy in the comments.
Scarlet Blade is a great game with pretty good visuals and it doesn't require you to grind through levels like alot of other games. Now it does play to a male audience, but don't let that fool you, it's by far one of the funner games out there.
Another one although a little childish is Maplestory. I've been playing that game since It came out and the music in the game is amazing, the graphics although its technically a sidescroller keep you interested. I would at least check it out.
The last one is DC Universe online, Its visually appealing, its SUPER fun, pun intended lol. I would definitely try and find some one you can play it with though. It makes it all the better cause the game can get pretty tough.
Anywho, I voted for that greenlight alrdy and cant wait to play EBF4 on Steam. Wishing you luck ect ect.

Phyrnna responds:

Oooh, I've heard of all four of those. Scarlet Blade is certainly marketing towards the mammary loving parts of the gaming population. xD I did check out their site once from a NG ad, and it seems interesting. Although I'm not sure if I really want to be gaming amongst super horny people >.>;

Maplestory is a classic. I've been contemplating the side scrolling MMOs like MS and also Elsword... although I'll need more of an opinion from people on how fun the actual combat is. Although the social interaction is something that Maplestory does not lack. xD

DC Universe seems fun too, but just how flexible is it with the whole character creation? It somewhat seems like characters you create will be knockoffs of DC franchise staples.

Thanks for voting!


2013-05-07 13:22:17

Well, I wouldn't say neverwinter is totally unrelated to Neverwinter nights, but apart from the setting and the D&D races, they don't have much in common.
You play in neverwinter, yes. You travel the area around it, yes. But you don't have the D&D Level-system you have in Neverwinter Nights 1&2, which is kind of a disappointment.
Still, I don't want to overly criticise it - it really isn't a bad game.
(I was kinda shocked when i saw the D&D 4 Tieflings though....)

I also have to agree with Zeforas, Vindictus is really, really fun to play.
Don't let the video fool you though - this is a special high level raid. You don't usually have to fight with parties THAT big. Usually you play with up to 4 people, whilst you have up to 8 participants in normal raids.
Also, there are both small, relaxed quests and big, epic ones.
(You have up to 3 difficulty choices before departing on a quest aswell)

Aaaaaaand the inn has cats. Everyone loves cats :3

Phyrnna responds:

Cats. +1 for Vindictus. xD

Although I think I might try Vindictus. So far it's got the most people suggesting it, and it does look like something up my alley. :)


2013-05-07 17:20:56

It won't be free, but I'm really looking forward to the Elder Scrolls Online being released. It's Beta testing now so hopefully not much longer to wait!

Phyrnna responds:


But yeah, I sure hope they do a good job with it. Skyrim and Oblivion were amazing and if ESO doesn't live up to those I'd be sad. Very sad.


2013-05-07 20:57:24

Ermahgerd what server are you playing in lotro, i'd love to say hi :P

Phyrnna responds:

Evernight. I just finished the Elf intro, I think. Not sure though, I still only have seen two other non NPC person so I might still be in the intro. xD


2013-05-07 22:20:49

If you want a real-action MMORPG Blade & Soul is really awesome mainly on graphics, now if you want a FPS MIcrovolts its really... different :D, but now my favorite one is the good'ol Maplestory :D.
By the way, can you make a Japanese themed song?I would really aprecciate it >.<


2013-05-08 00:23:01

If you like free MMO's, I suggest looking at Maplestory. I've been playing it with a friend on and off for the past two years or so, and it's a lot of fun to pick up every once in a while. There are frequent updates to both the map and new characters to play as, so it's always fun to just start over with one of the new characters to see how the gameplay changes. The music is also phenomenal, and I recommend looking some up more than anything. The track for the Temple of Time is particularly amazing.


2013-05-08 10:51:12

I've played and lost interest in more mmo games than I can count on all my fingers and toes if I was a deformed circus sideshow. I occasionally play Path of Exile (very diablo esque) as it has lots of skill trees and good old fashion dungeon crawling, but it may not be up your alley. (totally free, above average graphics and decent sized community)

Phyrnna responds:

Oh dear those skill trees look craaaaaaazy! @_@


2013-05-09 09:39:06

"Anyone want to recommend someFREE TO PLAY MMORPGs to me?"
Planet Side 2? HAHAHAHA


2013-05-09 21:21:15

AQWorlds, EpicDuel= Kid's stuff.
Try out MapleStory, maybe!
How about Runescape?,----Not too good without membership, though.
There's also Elsword!
Or maybe Crystal Saga?
World of Warcraft costs money.
You can get a free trial with Wizard101!
There's also Pirate101!
Maybe Guild Wars?
Dunno, don't really play any others that are good...
Hope this helped you! :)


2013-05-09 21:54:44

Rusty Hearts.
Minecraft(lol nope)


2013-05-10 21:10:27

Play Guild Wars 2 with me.... Technically not F2P... it's Buy to Play... but still.

Play with me now, or I will no longer let you brain glomp me.

What a tragedy that would be.

(Updated ) Phyrnna responds:

Tragedy indeed! T_T But I has no money! D:


2013-05-12 13:48:32

If you play GW 2 with Purgy.. I'm gonna try to play with you guys. So we'll be.. 3 ! And maybe more, and then we'll have a guild. And then we'll try to conquer the whole world ! Or not.

Phyrnna responds:

NG users unite to conquer the world! :DDDD

I'll see... I don't have money for subscription games. >.>;


2013-05-12 21:12:14

Play guild wars 2 :D its buy to play so you only pay for the disc/download and then you can play all you want! there is an ingame cash store type thing but the stuff you can buy there is not necessary to fully enjoy the game. Really, REALLY amazing game. I think its like 60$. I would also join the other peoples suggesting it, and we totally COULD CONQUER THE WORLD!!! I just would hope we end up playing on the same server >_>


2013-05-15 01:49:57

First comment so gotta add, love your music and that you seem to stay in touch with fans.

As for the MMO recommendation, I see Neverwinter was already suggested - I haven't found time to really sit down and play it, but it's been fun for what I HAVE tried... Also saw Scarlet Blade mentioned, but honestly I find that one a little bit boring - hilarious in its audacity, but better with friends.

....running out of ideas, but CABAL online from back when was a good one that I believe is still going. Interesting combo system, free to play as I recall unless things have changed.


2013-05-15 07:41:39

I just started playing TERA and I have been really impressed with it. Its F2P and has amazing graphics and good gameplay. FFIV is in the beta stages and is really fun if you can get an invite (its closed till stage 3 initiates). League of Legends is awesome and Heroes of New Earth is supposed to be ok if you like crossovers. They're RPG/Strategy games and LoL has an awesome fanbase. It has really good content and is completely user supported (you can play any aspect of the game and never spend a penny). I play it with real life/online friends and family all the time bec its fun, easy to learn and free. CobraTX if you get on.


2013-05-25 10:57:03

Fan me! Buy my music!
Links to stores!
Original soundtrack on CD released!
Do you have anything besides work on music? Something?

(Updated ) Phyrnna responds:

Nope! Not much of a life, I know. :P


2013-05-28 19:35:29

For the sake of music alone (especially if you're a SoundTeMP/SoundFA fan like myself), I'd recommend RuneScape (non-SoundTeMP work, but still somewhat catchy), Ragnarok Online, Granado Espada and Flyff.

Even RO or Flyff don't really interest you, a great benefit of downloading the game is complete access to their wonderful soundtracks, some of which may inspire YOU!

RuneScape's where I started MMORPG'ing and it's evolved quite a bit over time. There was a time the game used to use your MIDI chip for music playback, which I thought was rather neat, depending on the quality of your soundcard. Now, they've changed it up with some proprietary MIDI music, which as of the latest version, I hadn't really enjoyed that much, but that aside, there's quite a lot to do in RuneScape, and there seems to be ever more that's being added to the game.

Personally, I miss Trickster and Fiesta, and I guess for good measure, Secret of the Solstice. They were great MMOs (leave it to Korea when it comes to sweet computer MMOs). Fiesta is one which I believe I enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, the game's been handed over "temporarily" to another host site, and I haven't had much interest in the game since. SoS was a neat Ragnarok clone, though there were some visual differences and features that made it rather unique. Trickster was a neat hand-drawn 2.5 D game, that I never really caught on with, but nonetheless had nice music.

Planeshift's another one which is still technically a W.I.P., but seems to have some potential (don't quote me on that, as I believe I haven't even left the tutorial area yet!). When it comes to music here, it's perhaps one of the few out there where its songs were contributed by players of the game.

I myself haven't really had much time to play any games of this type in a while, but if you're interested in ANY of the ones i mentioned above (sans the three "dead" ones), PM me, and I'll add you to friends lists and stuff.


2013-05-29 16:28:37

I understand how you feel Phyrnna. My internet connection is the same and I'm also really busy >_<.
But I happen to know a great free to play MMORPG. Spiral Knights. I play on it from time to time When my internet connection isn't as slow. My Character's name is Arisana. Feel free to send me a request,


2013-06-10 06:41:41

Free to play MMORPGs?????

Dragon Nest



2013-06-11 10:19:57

Fantasy Online is here on newgrounds, there's epicduel a pvp, aqworlds, crystal saga, blargh! I'm stuck!


2013-06-13 18:27:07

Suggest TERA. Been out for awhile. Apparently you actually need to aim in it or something.

Oh, btw good games!


2013-06-24 00:03:14

If you haven't tried Runescape yet, I'd like to dissuade you from that one. I played that game for 6 years and I can tell you, it's just not worth the time it requires.

Also, I love Return to the Badlands. :D


2013-06-26 22:26:31

I love you, Phyrnna! Thanks for the free music. It's amazing.