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Very well done! I love the animation and the score!


Also awesome stuff~! :P

Oh this is very well done!

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Most comments prior have mentioned all that needs to be said for quality of game. That said I understand that you're still learning. Keep it up and keep working at it~!

As for the CC0, yes you don't have to credit any creator or artwork/music licensed under CC0. I will say though it is common courtesy to credit art/music even when licensed under CC0 out of respect and some people even send a small message to the artist just to let them know.


P.S. just tagging @troisnyx

GSquadron responds:

Thanks for your comment and rating!

Short and cute and I the music fit very well!
I will say that the last level was a bit more luck based. xD
Oh yeah, I also walked off the stage on that one. Haven't tried it on the other ones though.
Great job!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Troisnyx responds:

Acknowledged. It does get a bit worrying when cracks in the code begin to appear, but oh well. Just a heads-up, the first kitsune is passable without any notion of luck, but the second one requires immense precision.

Glad you like it, and thanks for playing! ^_^

Pretty good so far although there's a lot to be done still.

The core mechanic is pretty nice, although perhaps you could have a few more attacks in your chain. Like first strike leads to a different second strike leads to a third strike, etc...
This is visually more interesting also.
Additionally while I see that you're supposed to pay attention to the enemy colors (ala Guacamelee), it's far too easy in this game to just macro the space bar and the left click to repeatedly trigger and just run into everything. Guacamelee puts in a slight delay during and after switching along with a forced animation which forces the player to strategically switch and avoid getting hit while doing so.
The level design isn't bad, but it's much too... boring? For a game like this you actually could go full out Metroidvania-style with your level design without compromising any gameplay. That and it would keep the game interesting.

The 2.5D works, but colors are okay. The colors work for a while, but it gets very eyestraining after a very short while. Perhaps consider using various color schemes (triadic, complementary) to add highlights which can also enhance the player's experience. That or use those color schemes to make certain things pop out more such as enemy attacks or your own attacks.

Of course all of this is my opinion and what you do is based upon your design goal. But those are some suggestions~

Keep it up~!

~Phyrnna ^_^

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Nicely done! I like how you put the two together!

p.s. Scouted you!

This is awesome to hear, a track that used the vocals from the last competition for this one. Nice one!
I like the low-key guitar + piano + vocals you did here, it works great!
Your mixing is spot on as well!
Keep it up!

AlbeGian responds:

Thank you so much I'm really glad you liked! It was intended to be uploaded for the ABFH contest, but I couldn't due to lots of IRL stuff going on :( I found the opportunity to finish it and before the deadline (i hope so) of this EBF5 contest and upload it.
It's the first time I make a song with vocals so I wasn't sure about the mixing, but yeah I'm glad you liked the mixing as well.

Hey hey! Glad to see you again! :D

It's great to hear this classic NG style! I miss it!
A little bit of brickwalling, at least enough that I had to push the volume down so it wouldn't hurt. xD
I like the way you worked the beat and fit it around the track! Also great that you went for a more classic track!
Stay cool friend! ^^/

ChronoNomad responds:

Hey, Phyrnna! A pleasure as always, and I really appreciate the review! ^__^

This track came instantly to mind, and it seemed like a fun one to tackle for the contest, so here I am. A bunch of interesting ideas rose to the fore, and I decided to let them run wild while also attempting to adhere somewhat to the original vibe.

I think things worked out pretty well overall, but yeah...while it's not quite a solid brick wall of sound, it can totally benefit from a quick twist of the volume knob. It feels both classic and fresh to me, and it puts a big smile on my face to know that you like it.

I truly hope that life has been good to you over the years! Thanks in part to the soundtracks you've written for the Epic Battle Fantasy series, I believe that you have already cemented your musical legacy, and that's undoubtedly awesome. May the future bring you even more success and the realization of countless dreams.

Godspeed, my friend! Stay frosty. (;

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More animations pls <3

dominiichan responds:

When I have the time, motivation, and coffee.

OMG these are the cutest~ <3

Congrats on winning the Halloween Spectacular! This is a neat animation! Well done!

PennilessRagamuffin responds:

Thank you very much! I'm both shocked and delighted that people are enjoying this animated illustration so much. Thank you for your kind remarks!

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