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Phyrnna's News

Posted by Phyrnna - February 14th, 2016



I wrote a short piano track for the occassion~!


Here's a wonderful illustration by the very lovely Squ-chuu~! <3  


Illustration courtesy of the lovely Squ-chan~!


Here's the Youtube video for it:

I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day and may you spend the time with your loved ones~! <3

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3


Posted by Phyrnna - September 27th, 2015

Help me support a cause dear to me!

I’m partnering up with Challeng to help raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention~

Why should you care about this cause?

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US for all ages. (CDC)
  • Every day, approximately 105 Americans die by suicide. (CDC)
  • There is one death by suicide in the US every 13 minutes. (CDC)
  • Depression affects 20-25% of Americans ages 18+ in a given year. (CDC)
  • Suicide takes the lives of over 38,000 Americans every year. (CDC)
  • Only half of all Americans experiencing an episode of major depression receive treatment. (NAMI)
  • 80% -90% of people that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully using therapy and/or medication. (TAPS study)
  • An estimated quarter million people each year become suicide survivors (AAS).
  • There is one suicide for every estimated 25 suicide attempts. (CDC)
  • There is one suicide for every estimated 4 suicide attempts in the elderly. (CDC)

It can happen to anyone...

I have personally experienced some of this and I want to help those who are going through it now or knows someone going through it and maybe save a life.

Challeng is a new site for charity crowdfunding. Users propose challenges that creators or groups can take up. Upon successful funding of the Challeng, the group or creator completes the task.

My current Challeng is to write a 10 track soundtrack within 10 hours over a livestream session at my Picarto channel.

I appreciate any and all support you can give to this cause that is very dear to me. Even if you can’t support the cause financially, a share will help spread the word and awareness~! 

Also feel free to suggest Challeng’s to me~! I’m always looking for new ways to help out charity causes. <3

Wind to thy wings~!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Thank you for your support and for sharing~!

Posted by Phyrnna - March 12th, 2015

No, this isn't one of those joke newsposts, you can actually get a song commisioned to be written by me! :D

I just launched my Patreon campaign at https://www.patreon.com/Phyrnna ! One of the backer rewards is a commission from yours truly~! \^o^/

That aside though, I would highly appreciate it if you could read my Patreon, share it, and possibly support me. I have huge plans for my music and the support of my wonderful fans can help me get there! :D I've been planning and working on many awesome side projects for a long time such as vocal releases, animations, games, and more and it would be awesome to bring these all to fruition~ <3

And as a reward for reading this, here's a teaser of a new track for Epic Battle Fantasy Bullet Heaven 2~!


Of course if you would rather prefer, you could also try commissioning my awesome friend @Realfaction who does a lot of great music! Below is a demo reel of what he can do. Also while it's a bit of a while away, him and I will be hosting and judging the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest in celebration of Newgrounds' 20th anniversary!

Don't forget to visit RealFaction's Facebook page and show him some love~! <3


Also equally talented and deserving of a shoutout is @EliteFerrex ! He has an amazing style which is a mix of rock, 8-bit, techno, and nerdism~ <3 (yes... I totes said that :PPPP)

In any case, check out his preview track of his album below! The awesome album is available on iTunes~!


Lastly, but most certainly the most important (to me~), is my dear friend @Back-from-Purgatory who has been a hugely valuable and amazing contributor to the Newgrounds community. Recently Back-From-Purgatory just made a Facebook page, please go and show some love~! <3333

Oh yeah, and check out Back From Purgatory's very pretty new avatar illustrated by the very wonderfully talented WickedAlucard~

Not only has he illustrated Back From Purgatory's wonderful avatar, but he'll also be illustrating my avatar too~!

Lookie look at the wonderful prettiness~! <3

WickedAlucard's lovely illustration of Phyrnna~


And oh dear.... I've spoken more about everyone else besides me... >.>;
Thanks for being wonderful and reading all of this~!

Wind to thy wings~!


~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Posted by Phyrnna - February 7th, 2015

Goats On A Bridge just released!! Lots of goat-y awesomeness galore! And of course some music from yours truly~!
It's available for PC, Android and iOS, and here are links to how to get goats for yourself below! 

And guess what? I have some Steam keys to give out! ^.^ So give me your BEST GOAT JOKE and I'll pick a lucky winner to get a free Steam key!!

Also be sure to check out their website at http://www.goatsonabridge.com/


Humble Store


DegiGames Store

Goats On A Bridge
Goats On A Bridge OST


Goats On A Bridge FULL
Goats On A Bridge LITE


Goats On A Bridge FULL
Goats On A Bridge LITE


Have fun~! And try not to rage too hard over the cuteness... or difficulty. >.>;


~Phyrnna ^_^ <3 

Posted by Phyrnna - December 31st, 2014

The New Year is upon us! What a year 2014 has been!

Firstly, I would love to thank all of my fans for being there with me! Whether you're a new fan or a longtime fan, I appreciate every single one of you! I wouldn’t be where I am right now without every single one of you and your support!

With a new year here, I’m out to get some changes in. I’ve realized for a long time that the name “Halcyonic Falcon X”, while endearing to me, is much too long and complex to remember. So starting now I’m going to (slowly) migrate everything over to Phyrnna. I’ve been doing so for quite a while, but now I’ll be much more active about it! 

Also I’m still setting up my Patreon account, and I hope everyone visits it and perhaps supports me. While I’ll continue to make music regardless, the support from Patreon would significantly help me create more music and better music! 

There’s plenty coming this new year so keep an eye out for updates!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @phyrnna. I’d post a link to my Youtube, but currently with the migration from Halcyonic Falcon X to Phyrnna thing are a bit shakey. XD Trying to also migrate my Gmail and my Skype so we’ll see how that goes. (If only there was an Easy-Button for doing this! >.<)

Thanks again for being wonderful fans!
Have a wonderful and happy New Year!!

~Phyrnna ^_^

Posted by Phyrnna - November 22nd, 2014



Well, updates are supposed to always be new, but I'm not really great at always being on top of social media (I swear I'm working on it! >.<)

In any case, lately life has been rough on me financially and emotionally which has been putting a big block on writing music. I'm getting back into the hang of things, thanks to some friends. <3

So what's new?


I'm working on my Patreon profile. Currently I work two other jobs besides just working on music in order to pay bills and eat, which leaves me with less time for music than I'd like. This Patreon thing seems to be working for other people and I think it would be a great way to connect closer to my fans while (possibly) being able to focus more on my music! ^.^ I'll keep you all updated when that's ready! :D


I'd like for everyone to welcome my friend Miqz to Newgrouds! Miqz has been producing music for a while and just joined up here! Miqz also made a wonderful song for me! <3 Please check it out and show some love! @Miqz


I'd also love to throw a shoutout to @DavidOrr who landed a sweet gig and scored music for a free Call of Duty app! Head over to his newspost for more info and support an amazing artist who deserves all the lovings!


I just recently tested out Super Chibi Knight by @BoMtoons and I can personally say that I had a great time with it (and surprisingly couldn't break it Q_Q) and I'm excited to see the rest of it! They're also getting it up on Steam and jazz, so there's that too! Go read more and love them! :D


Oh yeah, speaking of Patreon things, I've been a long time follower of @D-Sun 's series Armed with Wings! He has a a Patreon up and is putting up lots of great content! If you have any spare change throw it at him! He's amazing!


Whelp this post ended up more about others than me, but then again I love supporting my fellow artists! ^.^ <3

I'll do my best to keep you all updated on things!




~Phyrnna ^_^ <3 


P.S. A big hug to @Samulis @troisnyx and @back-from-purgatory for being my bestest buddies! <3 I appreciate your friendship more than you probably realize! Also @eliteferrex whenever he choose to actually be on NG. xD

Posted by Phyrnna - September 4th, 2014

I know, I know... I've been gone for sooooo long. >.< *flails*

My biggest apologies! It's actually hard when almost all of my projects can't be posted on Newgrounds. =/ That said I haven't forgotten NG!

So what have I been up to.....?


1. Epic Battle Fantasy: Bullet Heaven 2

Oh yep. The awesome fun is continuing in this sequel to the first bullet hell entry in the Epic Battle Fantasy series!

Lots of music in progress of being written, but some have been done already! Want a teaser? Have one! :D While you're there please leave me a review and also rate the song! <3 


2. Nothing to Hide

From the creative genius who created The Game series, NutcaseNightmare, comes a wonderfully dystopian game about surveillance Nothing to Hide! You can check out the demo on Newgrounds!

Writing the soundtrack for this game is quite interesting as it is quite a departure from what most people usually hear from me in the Epic Battle Fantasy series! Teasers of those tracks will be going up soon too!


3. Newgrounds Worst Song Competition

Audio forum regular and composition savant (<- too much flattery maybe?) Samulis has created a most wonderful (or possibly most horrible) competition to entertain (or permanently maim) your ears! The Newgrounds Worst Song Competition is now on! Read more about it and come take part, either by creating the pain or partaking in it! <3 I'll be doing a little bit of both! :D

Oh and while y'all are at it, go check out this game Samulis is scoring called Airscape! It apparently won some awards. *fancy jazz hands*


I'll try my best to not be a stranger here. >.>; In any case, tons of exciting things to look forward to!


~Phyrnna ^_^ <3 


Posted by Phyrnna - December 25th, 2013

Go enjoy your time today with all your awesome presents and your awesome family!

Here's a Christmas spirit song from yours truly!


You can also find it on Newgrounds for download at


Please listen, enjoy and rate it!




~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Posted by Phyrnna - July 5th, 2013

I have always been a big supporter of an internet where information is free to share and unrestricted. Of one of the things I am proud to support is the Open Bundle, organized by the one and only Nutcase Nightmare!


As a combination of both a Kickstarter and a Humble Bundle, our goal is to raise enough money to release a huge number of our works with Creative Commons Zero. This means that they'll lose all copyright and people will be free to use, learn, and build on them without having to worrying about copyright.

I certainly do hope you will help support this cause, as I think it's worth the attention of the internet.

Artists contributing to the bundle:

Nutcase Nightmare
and of course, Myself!

All proceeds will go to the artists and Creative Commons and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and you can even choose how you want your money to go to who!

Posted by Phyrnna - May 6th, 2013

So according to NG admins, most of my news posts are too advertising/spammy and for a while there I lost my right to Frontpage posts. So... more newsposts about more stuff than just links I suppose! :D

What's new.......?

Put up a new song, this one was written for my buddy's game concept. It's a western style fantasy track so, not truly western yet completely within the feel of it.
It's also up on Youtube for those of you who prefer that.

Epic Battle Fantasy IV has been up on Steam Greenlight for quite a while now, but unfortunately we haven't gotten enough votes to get the Greenlight. Both Matt and I would appreciate it if you helped vote it in. In the meantime, we're working on new content for the Steam version! :D I'll be sure to post updates about new music to tease your ears!

In other news, it's been too long since I've played a MMORPG. Mostly because the adult life leaves me with little time for them and my internet connection is really really slow. xD
Nontheless I just started trying out Lord of the Rings Online. It's.... okay. xD Kind of boring so far, and seems empty, although that might just be the intro level? Or maybe it's just the server I'm on. Hmmm....
Graphics are also pretty subpar IMO, but then again I don't know if that's just the standard for MMO's. They don't impress me nonetheless.
Anyone want to recommend someFREE TO PLAY MMORPGs to me? It'd be great to go on quests and whatnot with my fans! :D

In any case, I guess that's it for now? ^__^

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3